Common Transmission Problems

Common Transmission Problems

Transmission Translation

When your transmission gives trouble, it is understandably cause for concern.  Without it, you won't travel very far.  So if the transmission is telling you something, you'll want to get help from a certified technician right away.  Perhaps you don't even understand what your ride's tranny is saying.  That's where AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland, comes in.  In business as a repair shop since 2010 (with additional years of experience in the towing and automotive industry), we understand the language your car speaks.  Bring your vehicle--and it's yelling transmission--to us for reliable repair. 

Understanding What Your Transmission May Be Saying 

Perhaps you feel as if you need a translator to understand what that ailing transmission is saying.  That translator is also known as a qualified technician who can give a definitive answer as to the problem and recommended repair.  But just to give you a sample of the common complaints your transmission may make, we'll share with you a list of the issues we often see and some repairs we make to correct them.  If you start hearing a hum or whine that is unusual for your car, your vehicle may be low on transmission fluid.  In addition to adding fluid, you need to determine if a leak is the cause of the lack of fluid.  Grinding may be the manifestation of several problems, so we will just have to check that one out for you because there is truly not a way for you to guess.  Do you smell something burning?  Your transmission temperature may be too high due to a low fluid level or use of the wrong type fluid.  When this occurs, we'll check it for leaks as well as for the fluid level and type.  If your car is in gear but it delays taking off when you press the accelerator, the fluid may be low or there could be a much bigger problem (perhaps clutch trouble in a manual transmission).  If the car won't go into gear, there could be a major issue, or you could simply need a computer reset.  (Disconnecting the battery and then reconnecting it after about a half hour will trigger the reset.)  Sometimes a new clutch disc to properly disengage the flywheel is required to repair a dragging clutch in a manual transmission vehicle.  Slipping, a safety issue that needs immediate attention, occurs when power is not transferred to your wheels.  You may need fluid, or there could be another issue we must address.

Speaking the Language 

When your transmission is speaking to you, bring your vehicle to AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland.  Our experts will help you decipher the message and make your transmission happy again.  We even help you out by offering the TECHNET nationwide warranty and financing as well as online coupon specials. 

Written by AMPM Automotive