Auto AC Repair

Auto AC Repair in Rockville, MD

Not Hot in the City

The Heat, The Drive, The Parking Lot

The average high daily temperature in mid-summer in Rockville, Maryland, is 87 degrees. For many residents, that feels a bit warm. Add the circumstances of a daily commute into Washington, D.C., or errands around town along with long stints in a parking lot, and your vehicle’s interior becomes a boiler. If you’d like your car to not be “hot in the city,” bring it to AMPM Automotive for auto AC repair. You’ll find us close to many other places you may need to go and near multiple major thoroughfares at 11800 Coakley Cir Rockville, MD 20852. You can make an appointment just as easily as you can reach us. Simply schedule online or call us at (301) 822-4694. Walk-ins are also welcome, so stop by. The sooner you visit, the sooner your vehicle will cool off.

Can You Spot the Signs of Auto AC Trouble?

The most obvious sign of automobile air conditioner trouble is the realization that you’re hot. But what else might you recognize that should prompt you to seek attention? First, it’s a good practice to have us inspect your system once per year to spot any signs of trouble and ensure that your car is ready for hot weather. Another clear signal is when the AC won’t come on at all. That could point to an electrical problem like a broken wire. If the air is blowing but not cool, the issue may be as simple as the need for a recharge of refrigerant/coolant, or it could indicate a failed/failing compressor. Also, extremely cold or hot air could mean a stuck blend air door that’s not allowing air to mix correctly to reach your desired temperature as set on the climate controls. Finally, puddles or a wet, musty smell may indicate a leak or clog that’s allowing moisture to collect in your passenger cabin. You’ll need to have us fix that before your interior begins to mold.

Comfortable Customer Service

Clearly, we have an interest in making your car comfortable. Auto AC repair is one of the mechanical services we provide. However, it’s equally important to us that you’re comfortable with the level of customer service you receive. Regardless of the make or model you drive, we’re here to help you. Auto repairs are covered by a great 24-month/24,000-mile warranty that’s good across the nation at our TechNet affiliate shops. Free wifi is available onsite, and we can provide electronic status updates via text, email, photograph, and/or video. You can even get your vehicle back cleaner and cooler than when you brought it to us. Washing and detailing are available right here. For great care for both you and your car, bring your vehicle to AMPM Automotive.