Auto Electrical Repair

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Auto Electrical Repairs in Rockville, Maryland

Many Components, One Common Thread

Meeting Your Vehicle’s Electrical Needs

Even in vehicles that run on gasoline or diesel fuel, electrical current is necessary to operability. AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland, is your local shop for auto electrical repair. Since opening in 2010, we’ve remained committed to offering the highest level of service that isn’t difficult and doesn’t require you to travel elsewhere. You’ll find our establishment between 365 and 586/Veirs Mill Road and several other major streets at 11800 Coakley Cir Rockville, MD 20852. To schedule an appointment, use our online tool, call us at (301) 822-4694, or simply stop by because walk-ins are always welcome here.

Common Auto Electrical Repairs

To power various components and provide energy for starting, electrical power is necessary. This power is not in a single location, however. It flows through multiple components that may be the underlying cause if you’re suddenly without current. For instance, the battery could be dead. This cause is not hard to identify. Without the battery, your vehicle can’t start. We may be able to remedy the problem with a jump start if there is no other issue. However, pay attention for a repeat of the problem as this could signify a battery needs replacing. A related source of trouble may be an ailing alternator. This component recharges the battery as you drive. If it’s broken, your battery will drain. Also, perhaps the problem isn’t the battery itself. Rather, it could be the battery cables. Electrical flow is impeded if a cable is damaged or the connecting terminals are corroded. If you begin to notice your auto running poorly (rough idle, reduced fuel economy, and lurching), your car could be due for a spark plug replacement. As the name suggests, spark plugs provide the spark needed for combustion. Finally, a sudden loss of electrical current could point to a blown fuse. Although a fuse is easily replaceable, we’ll need to identify the underlying factor that caused the problem.

Convenient Auto Electrical Repair

When something in your vehicle’s electrical workings is off, you need auto electrical repair as soon as possible. AMPM Automotive provides that, along with customer care that makes your visit better. Our work is backed with a 24-month/24,000-mile peace-of-mind warranty valid nationwide through other TechNet affiliates. While here, take advantage of free wifi. Also, when away, you can keep up with progress via electronic status updates (text, email, pictures, and/or video). You even have the option of washing/detailing while your automobile is in our care.