Exhaust Repair

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Exhaust Repair in Rockville, Maryland

Exhaust Repair Shouldn’t Be Exhausting

Meeting the Need for Reputable, Local Repair

AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland, started as a 24/7 towing only business. As we increasingly recognized the need for reputable local auto repair, we decided to fill that gap ourselves. We’ve been carrying out that vision since opening in 2010. We work on all makes and models and offer a full range of services and repairs, including the exhaust system. It’s our philosophy that exhaust repair shouldn’t be exhausting for you. If you agree, make your next exhaust repair stop at 11800 Coakley Cir Rockville, MD 20852 (between 365 and 586/Veirs Mill Road). Make your appointment online or by telephone at (301) 822-4694. Walk-ins are always welcome, too.

What You May Notice, What We May Fix

Some automotive problems are obvious–the car won’t start, a tire is flat, etc. Perhaps you’re wondering how you’ll know if there’s a problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system. Although we’ll need to run diagnostics to give you definite answers, there are some typical symptoms you may notice. For example, you might experience poor fuel economy. This is often due to a leaking exhaust that doesn’t properly remove fumes, causing the engine to run hotter and less efficiently. You may also notice that your muffler is hanging down lower than it should be under the vehicle or that your exhaust pipe is loose. Either of those conditions should prompt you to bring your auto to AMPM Automotive for attention. Furthermore, you might notice an increase in noise level or vibration as you drive. Broken pipes, leaks, or a damaged muffler are often the culprits. If your emissions levels are too high (i.e., your vehicle won’t pass the Maryland state inspection for registration renewal), the issue could be the catalytic converter. This component is responsible for cleaning your car’s exhaust before releasing it. Fortunately, this part seldom needs replacing (unless you’re the target of metal thieves).

A Shop that Meets Your Needs

While it’s important that we get your exhaust repaired, we find it equally important that we take care of your needs. AMPM Automotive provides conveniences that make your exhaust repair experience easier. While you’re here, take advantage of complimentary wifi. When you leave your vehicle behind, keep up with progress via electronic status updates (text, email, photos, and/or video). If more than your exhaust emissions is dirty, ask about the options for washing/detailing. We offer those services onsite, too. Our repairs are backed by a nationwide TechNet 24-month/24,000-mile warranty. You may even be able to save using a current discount offer, so be sure to take a look at our Specials tab.