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Suspension Repair in Rockville, MD

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Signs You Need Suspension Repair

AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland wants our customers to take on their travels with confidence in a smooth, reliable vehicle. That’s why we offer suspension repair using high-quality, OE grade parts for all makes and models. If you notice changes in the behavior and performance of your vehicle, don’t ignore them! They could be pointing to suspension damage that needs repair. A quick look from our certified technicians will accurately determine what kind of repair you need and in a short visit, you could be back on the road and riding smoothly again. Here are some key signs that your vehicle needs suspension repair.

Poor Wheel Alignment

When inspecting your vehicle’s suspension, our team makes sure to check on a vehicle’s wheels and their alignment. That’s because the exact angles that the wheels meet the road greatly affect steering and overall vehicle health. Suspension problems shorten tread life and decrease fuel efficiency. Everything has to be in perfect order to get the most out of your vehicle.

Worn Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers positioned on every wheel contain fluid to limit bouncing over rough roads and potholes. When they wear out, you’ll notice a much rougher ride and bouncing after hitting a bump. Leaking or deteriorated shocks can’t keep your tires moving smoothly on the road and as a result, will need repairs.


If your vehicle’s suspension system doesn’t rely on shock absorbers to achieve a smooth ride, it might have struts instead. Struts are used on many cars, trucks, and SUVs and can seriously affect the safety of your vehicle when damaged, so it’s important to know when they need repair. If you hear a knocking sound when your vehicle goes over a bump, your struts likely need attention.


Another major component of the suspension system is the springs. Responsible for holding the weight of the car, springs are subject to wear like most other parts. When they sag or break, you’ll need professional attention right away. You can identify a damaged spring by visually inspecting the stance of the vehicle on level ground. If you notice one corner is lower than the others, that could indicate a spring isn’t supporting its share of the weight.

Schedule Suspension Repair Today!

If you notice any signs of suspension problems, it’s best to visit our shop quickly for repairs! Ignoring damages and worn out parts won’t improve your driving experience or your vehicle’s health. In fact, damages will likely worsen and you’ll end up with more repair costs down the road. Avoid major and costly repairs by scheduling a suspension service appointment with our experts at the first sign of trouble. You can call (301) 822-4694 or use our online scheduling system to book your visit. Our friendly staff members are happy to answer any of your questions and concerns, so feel free to contact us about your specific vehicle. We invite you to stop by next time you are in the area 11800 Coakley Cir Rockville, MD 20852 we welcome walk-in customers. Our team looks forward to serving you!