Signs That You Need A Wheel Alignment

Signs That You Need A Wheel Alignment

Save the Last Dance for Me

When your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, every trip can feel like a really bad dance.  It can make your car seem really outdated and out of style even if you drive a recent year model.  Worse, a poorly aligned auto can become a safety hazard, cause premature tire wear so severe that the tires have to be replaced, and damage other components of your suspension system.  If you suspect an alignment problem, think it's time to have the alignment checked, have been involved in a car accident, or simply want to start off right with a new set of tires, bring your ride to AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland.

So Many Dances, So Little Time 

What kind of dance is your vehicle doing as you drive down the road?  Is it classy and smooth, or is it uncomfortable and embarrassing?  Maybe it's time for some serious help with a wheel alignment!  Regardless of the era in which you grew up, you're likely familiar with some of the major dances of popular culture across the decades.  While they may have been all the rage then, it's not cool when your car does them.  Is your car doing The Shimmy from the 1960's?  Having to rapidly go back and forth with the steering wheel because the wheel isn't straight or won't return to center could be a sign that your auto is out of alignment.  Is your ride doing The Bump from the 1970's?  We know that dance, too.  That jarring ride could indicate worn tires with uneven spots, another major indicator that the vehicle needs a wheel alignment.  Is your dance partner dragging you off the floor when you just want to have a good time?  Your car pulling to one side when you're trying to drive straight ahead is another sure sign you should have the alignment checked.  Is the dance music bad?  Poor wheel alignment may even be indicated by squealing tires.  Dancing can be fun, but not when it's a bad rendition performed by your ride.

The Last Dance 

Most famously performed in 1960 (1962 US release) by The Drifters, "Save the Last Dance for Me" was not only a hit record, but it's the last song you'll need on your dance card.  As you can see, having a great evening out (or any peaceful trip) may depend on the proper wheel alignment of your automobile.  Therefore, if you need a wheel alignment, bring your vehicle to AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland.  We'll have your car--and you--Waltzing down the road again in no time.  

Written by AMPM Automotive