AMPM Has Upgraded!

AMPM Has Upgraded!

AMPM is proud to announce two major upgrades to the shop.

AC Machine - Robinair R1234yf-6 machine

This AC machine is the best AC machine in the business. AC machines assist mechanics with recovering, and recharging the AC system with the proper amount of Freon. Recently, in the automotive industry, we have changed over to a new, more efficient Freon called R1234-yf. This Freon is so new that most independent shops do not have the equipment to repair AC systems, forcing customer to have to go to the dealership for a simple AC service. Here at AMPM Automotive, we are your one stop shop for ALL air conditioning needs no matter how old or new your vehicle is!

Alignment Machine - Hunter Hawkeye Elite

This alignment machine again is the best in the business. Here at AMPM Automotive we only have the absolute best equipment to take care of your vehicle! This alignment machine aids technicians in aligning any vehicle from passenger cars, trucks, vans, modified vehicles to off road vehicles.

Written by AMPM Automotive