Basic Vehicle Maintenance Services

Basic Vehicle Maintenance Services

Service the Car that Serves You

You count on your vehicle to serve you well every day.  You need it to get to work, take the kids to school, run your shopping errands, and even take the family on vacation.  After all that car does to serve you, don't forget to serve(ice) it with preventive maintenance care.  A little TLC will help your ride run well and last a long time.  When it's time for those much needed basic services, bring your faithful transportation to AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland

The Important Services 

No matter how old or new, every vehicle needs periodic routine service.  One of the most important points of service is the engine oil and filter change.  Oil performs important jobs in your engine.  It clings to the moving metal parts, lubricating them to reduce friction.  It also absorbs a great deal of the heat produced through friction, removing it from the engine.  Finally, it suspends dirt and debris, holding the corrosive particles away from the surfaces they can so easily damage.  As motor oil ages, it loses its ability to perform these functions well.  Degraded oil can actually combine with the dirt it can no longer suspend to form sludge, the dark, nasty goo that can lurk inside your engine or sometimes even outside.  Other fluids are also important to monitor.  Your mechanic will check and top off (as necessary) brake, power steering, transmission, and wiper fluid as well as coolant.  And don't forget those tires.  They should have sufficient tread to safely maintain contact with the road, have adequate air pressure, and be rotated/balanced on a schedule to promote even wear.  Belts, hoses, air filters (engine and passenger cabin), spark plugs, batteries, etc. should also be inspected and changed as needed.  Major systems such as brakes and exhaust need checking, too, with repairs made in a timely manner as needed.  These service points will help your car run well, perform efficiently, and last longer.  They will also help you keep your auto in good condition so that it meets the Maryland vehicle inspection requirements.  (Most vehicles must pass a safety inspection before state registration.  Those registered in 13 of Maryland's 23 counties as well as in Baltimore must also pass a biennial emissions inspection.)

The Important Service Provider

Not only is it important to give your ride the essential service it needs, but it's equally important that you find a friendly, reputable service provider.  AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland, provides exceptional service for your vehicle, but they also make your life easier because you can trust them to complete quality work.  They even help you out on pricing, so be sure to check out their specials and online printable coupons.

Written by AMPM Automotive