Parking Brake Stuck? Our Brake Repair Experts Can Help!

Parking Brake Stuck? Our Brake Repair Experts Can Help!

Stuck Parking Brake? Here’s What You Should Do

If you’ve ever had to park on a steep hill, you might have engaged your parking brake to keep your car securely in place. But what happens if your parking brake gets jammed? If a stuck parking brake is preventing you from driving, the brake repair specialists at AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland, are happy to help. Here’s what you need to do if your parking brake is stuck.

What is a Parking Brake?

Also called an emergency brake, a parking brake is connected to your car’s rear brakes. When you pull the parking brake lever, which is typically located between the two front seats, the brakes are then engaged. Most drivers only use their parking brake when their car is parked on a steep hill. This is to prevent it from rolling. When your car is parked, a small metal pin called a parking pawl is engaged. This pin is situated in a ring that’s directly attached to your vehicle’s transmission. When you park your car, the parking pawl prevents the shaft in your transmission from turning. However, sometimes, this tiny pin can break. Your emergency brake reduces the risk of your car rolling if the parking pawl should break.

Why is My Parking Brake Stuck?

The most common culprits behind a jammed parking brake are rust and corrosion. Dirt and water can erode the cables, causing problems with your braking system. It’s a smart idea to engage your parking brake regularly to prevent corrosion. Cold temperatures may also jam your parking brake. This could simply happen because your e-brake is frozen in place. Turn on your car and let it warm up to resolve the issue. If you’re constantly sharply tugging at your parking brake, it could get jammed. Resist the urge to treat your emergency brake like a strength test at a carnival. Always gently engage it.

Expert Brake Repair Services

If your e-brake is stuck or your braking system has an issue, call the certified auto mechanics at AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland, today. Call (301) 822-4694 to book your brake repair appointment to stay safe on the road.

Written by AMPM Automotive