Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

Keep Your Car On the Straight And Narrow

The tires on your car are the only parts that ever touch the road. The tires and wheels are adjusted to how they hit the road. This is called tire adjustment. You’re not adjusting the tires as much as the vehicle’s suspension system. Every time you hit a curb or pothole, the suspension is affected. When tires don’t run evenly on the road, they wear out at different rates. You get a smoother ride when wheel alignment is correct. Tires last longer. Your car handles better. Keeping your tires aligned is one way to improve the longevity of your ride.

Driving Signs That Indicate a Misalignment

Although your car doesn’t have a warning light to let you know when your tires are out of alignment, you will notice some problems while driving:

  • The car may pull to the left or right when you’re driving straight.
  • The tire wear will be uneven.
  • Your steering wheel may be crooked when you are driving on a straight road.
  • Your tires may squeal.
Even small alignment issues can cause problems. Most mechanics recommend wheel alignment be checked every two to three years, but some recommend it at closer intervals. When you buy new tires, you’ll get more life out of them when you have your alignment checked at the same time. If your car has wide tires or is a sporty vehicle, it may need to have the alignment checked more often.

Prevent Wheel Alignment Problems

Over time, your car will need to have a wheel alignment because the roads aren’t always smooth. If you drive on country roads, you may need to have alignments more often. You can drive conservatively to place less strain on the suspension system. Try to avoid hitting potholes. Slow down over bumps, like railroad tracks. Remove the junk in your truck. Don’t keep too much weight in your car, because it will throw off your alignment. Maintain the proper air pressure in your tires. Check it every month. This will make your tires last longer.

Make an appointment with AMPM Automotive for wheel alignment to protect your investment and driving experience. You’ll have a smoother ride and be safer on the road when you have a proper tire


Written by AMPM Automotive