First of all, good choice! We completely understand why someone would want to spend their days (and some nights) underneath the hood of a car. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss the realities of life as an auto mechanic. It may seem pretty glamorous, but there’s definitely a moment or two when we’ve had to get our hands dirty. Seriously, repairing cars is the greatest job in the world. But let’s just be frank about why it’s the greatest job by exploring what it’s actually like to be an auto mechanic. 

The People Person

If you’re someone who loves spending their weekends working on their car, rebuilding engines, changing your own oil, etc., you’d probably make a good auto mechanic. However, you may enjoy the solitude of this type of vehicle maintenance. The life of an auto mechanic is anything but that. Not only are we typically part of a team, but we must be able to handle customers’ questions, concerns and repair needs. Everything that the auto mechanic does is for the vehicle owner’s benefit, not their own enjoyment of working on cars. If you’re not a “people person,” you should become one in order to be an effective technician. 

The Fortune Teller

Part of the auto technician's job is to be a fortune teller. Many customers will visit your repair shop with a question about what is happening under the hood. That means that they have a question or concern, and they’d like to know what could happen to their vehicle in the future. It’s not too different from a doctor who warns their patient about what can happen if they don’t stop certain unhealthy behaviors. As an auto mechanic, a lot of your job will be sharing your experience with the customer so that they can make a better decision about auto services. These important conversations will usually happen during routine maintenance services and inspections.   

The Specialist

When you’re an auto mechanic, you can’t just love working on the vehicle parts that you like. For instance, performing brake repairs may be really exciting to you, but you might not like A/C repairs. This is not good enough for a full-service auto repair shop. To be a successful auto mechanic, you need to be able to approach services to every system like you’re a specialist. That doesn’t mean you can’t actually be a brake repair specialist, but your knowledge and experience should never be limited to just the components you like.

What to Expect Everyday

The work of an auto mechanic is definitely physically demanding, so if you’re expecting a lot of downtime, you might want to think about a different career. And surprise, you’re gonna get dirty! Our customers need their vehicles fixed as soon as possible, and we want the same thing. Since the automotive industry is constantly changing, so is the auto repair industry. Auto mechanics need to stay abreast of the latest technologies and make sure their team is equipped with the best tools of the trade.  

Written by AMPM Automotive