Tire Troubles? We Can Help!

Tire Troubles? We Can Help!

Does Your Car Have Defective Tires?

Did you know that bad tires can negatively impact other parts of your car? That’s right! A bent wheel or a balding tire can cause steering and handling issues. If your car has tire trouble, it’s always best to get it repaired right away. Driving a car with a bad tire is downright dangerous.

But sometimes the problems are because of a defective set of tires. The tire repair specialists at AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland, are here to help.

Here are some tire defects to watch out for.

Tire Conicity Issues

When a tire is being manufactured, its belts will be almost perfectly centered. If one of those belts is not positioned properly, even by just one millimeter, it can impact your vehicle’s steering and stability. This is because the location of the off-centered belt shifts more weight to one side of the tread, leading to a condition called a “conicity” problem.

Vibration Station

Despite car vibrations being typically caused by a bad wheel alignment, defective tires can also cause this shaky situation. If a tire has excessive lateral (sideways) or radical (vertical) runouts, it can lead to excessive vibrations.

We’ll Only Outfit Your Car with the Best Tires

If your car has a worn-out or blown-out tire, call the auto repair specialists at AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland now. We can plug, patch, and repair all types of tires. If you need new shoes, we promise that our certified mechanics will only install the best tires available for your car. Furthermore, our tire maintenance services are backed by a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty. What’s not to love?

Best of all, we also offer 24/7 towing services! Never try to drive your car with a flat or leaking tire. This can put you in harm’s way. Call our friendly team today. We’ll give you and your car a lift to our repair shop!

If you need experienced tire repair services, book an appointment at our shop now by calling [as_phone]. You can also swing by our shop located at [location_link]. We’re always happy to help and hope to see you soon!

Written by AMPM Automotive