Fleet Repair

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Fleet Repair in Rockville, Maryland

Fleet Repair Sense and Cents

How Does Your Fleet Represent Your Business?

You pay for business signage. You carefully craft ads, web pages, and social media posts. But have you thought about how your fleet vehicles represent your business? Further, have you thought about how fleet repair makes both good sense and cents? Yes? Bring your transportation units to AMPM Automotive in Rockville, Maryland, for fleet repair. No? Let us help you establish a fleet management plan that makes good business sense and keeps more cash in your account. You’ll find us conveniently located in the middle of everything (between 365 and 586/Veirs Mill Road) at 11800 Coakley Cir Rockville, MD 20852. To talk about how we can take the burden of fleet repair off your workload, simply stop by. Walk-ins are always welcome. You can easily make appointments online or by calling (301) 822-4694.

Some Considerations of Fleet Repair

Everything runs smoother when you keep your business fleet in good repair. For example, preventive maintenance (oil changes, inspections, etc.) keep your vehicles running efficiently (saving fuel) and make them less susceptible to breakdown. That’s important because breakdowns equate to lost time and potentially putting your drivers in unsafe situations. Also, making timely minor and/or planned repairs is crucial for the same reasons and ensuring safety. For example, you want your autos to operate safely. Should there be an accident, it’s important to be able to show that you’ve kept up with brake checks and brake pad replacements. If you plan on selling one of your units, we can assist you with the Maryland state inspection required before the registration transfer. We’re a state-sanctioned inspection site. Finally, nothing is worse for business than having a vehicle bearing your company name stranded beside the road. Talk about a negative billboard! Thus, allowing us to help you with fleet repair can keep your business motoring in many ways.

Service You’ve Earned

You’ve worked hard to build a reputable business. AMPM Automotive understands that because so have we. Thus, you’ve earned the privilege of as many customer conveniences as we can provide while your autos are here for fleet repair. A 24-month/24,000-mile warranty covers our work. If your units go beyond our local area, great news! Our TechNet affiliation extends your warranty coverage nationwide through our network shops. Also, you or your designee can get electronic status updates from us about your fleet vehicles. Should one of your vehicles break down, we have our own in-house towing service. You can even choose to clean your fleet autos while they’re in for service. Yes, detailing/washing is available onsite, as well. From one company to another, we look forward to building a professional relationship with you and providing you with the fleet repair services you deserve.