Signs you need transmission repair

Signs you need transmission repair


The transmission is the system that shifts your vehicle into another gear. Under normal conditions, your vehicle should be able to accelerate and decelerate with ease. As you press the gas pedal to accelerate, the transmission will transition into a higher gear, and as you press the brake pedal to slow down, the transmission will transition to a lower gear. But every now and then there will be a problem with the transmission’s performance. The following symptoms are the most obvious signs that your vehicle needs a transmission repair service. 

1. Difficulty switching gears

If your vehicle encounters any difficulties in switching gears, this is one of the most obvious signs. With an automatic transmission, if there is a delay or resistance to switching into a higher gear as you accelerate, you just may need a transmission repair. Since there are a few other possible causes for a transmission service need, like low transmission fluid, you should bring your vehicle to AMPM Automotive in Rockville, MD. Our transmission repair specialists are ready to handle any of your transmission maintenance or repair needs. 

2. Burning smell

Your nose is a good tool for recognizing problems with your car. The transmission is no different. Burning smells are a bad sign, but it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s causing the smell unless you visit AMPM Automotive in Rockville, MD. Many vehicles have a tendency to overheat if they are not properly maintained. When a transmission starts to overheat, it will usually give off a burning smell. This can be caused by the transmission fluid being old and burning.  

3. Slipping gears

Occasionally, when we’re driving, we’ll notice that our vehicle slips out of gear. Meaning, without your help, your vehicle temporarily slides into neutral or another gear. This is very dangerous and is an issue that cannot be left unaddressed. Visit the transmission repair specialists at AMPM Automotive in Rockville, MD for any transmission maintenance or repair service for your car, truck, or SUV. 

4. Leaking fluid

Vehicles will often leave behind clues that the transmission is in need of some attention. Leaking transmission fluid is an obvious sign that you should bring your vehicle to a qualified transmission repair tech. After you drive away from your driveway or parking spot, drops of red fluid will be left behind. This is probably the easiest sign to recognize as well as the easiest to solve. But you should always address the problem as soon as possible. 

5. Grinding or shaking

Whenever your vehicle is showing some instability, you should be concerned. The purpose of the transmission is to allow you to accelerate and decelerate with ease. You’re not supposed to experience any noticeable grinding or shaking as you drive. If you notice any grinding or shaking as the vehicle switches gears, you need to bring your vehicle to AMPM Automotive in Rockville, MD as soon as possible. 

Written by AMPM Automotive